Monday, March 26, 2007

The Adult Crush.

That's today's quandary. And yes, it needs to be Capitalized. For in today's global climate of political chaos, preventable diseases and untold human suffering, it is often difficult to establish just where your priorities lie. Obviously, I am a shallow, narcissistic asshat. Or something. But this issue has reared its LA-Gear-wearing, Tiffany-listening, side-pony-tail-sporting, NKOTB-obsessed-head lately, and I thought that I might explore it here for a moment. Remember when it was simple to establish if someone liked you or not? A boy would pull your hair and ask you to marry him in one fell swoop. The girls would gaggle together in a seething mass of giggles and coyly glance at the "stud" with the rats-tail and the kicky Nike Pumps and you'd be "going out" by the end of recess. *sighs*

Oh the me of yester-year.... If I had the chance, would I tell the Me of Then what lies in the imminent future? Would I kill the innocence that lay in the belief that the boy you love at 15 might not be who you would still love at 20-something? That the big bad "D" word might not be such a sucktastic thing? That you might be dating again in your late 20's after having been so far out of the game for so long that not only do you not remember the rules, but you're kind of hazy on the concept as a whole?

Which brings me back {finally} to the original query: the A.C.

What happens when you like a boy and you are sort of beyond the stage where it's kosher to send your bestest friend over with a note asking him
"Do you like me or like like me? Check yes or no.".
And by beyond that stage, I mean that people your age have kids who are actually AT that stage. *sighs* And what happens if this person is not so much in your current social circle, but rather someone who is a throwback to days gone by?

Do you:

(a) Covet him from afar, secretly holding on to hope that he will embody the concept of osmosis and figure it out for himself?

(b) Cyber stalk him on Facebook, Classmates or some other such venue? {more to come on this topic, people}

(c) Try and figure out a way to finagle an accidental-on-purpose meeting in order to test your theory that kismet has you and him k-i-s-s-i-n-g-ing in a tree?

(d) Create a diversion, and pretend that it's all a dream? A sordid, slutty dream. {*ahem, N*}

(e) Act like the grown-up you are not and pick up the telephone like a functioning member of society?

I'm torn between (a) & (b). You?


N said...

it's not a slutty dream,it's a hateful war and i'm going to win it.

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