Friday, March 9, 2007

Boo & Hiss...

Did you know that it was March Break?
Did you?
Because if you did and you thought it would be all snickery not to tell me that "outside" would be virtually infested with sniffling, flu-ridden, sticky-handed, bad-attituded un-accompanied minors, I will hunt you down and play you my epic tape collection {think Colour Me Bad and Dino and commence the crying now}.
Did I mention that those minors gobbled up all the Via Rail tickets to Kitchener? Now, you might say something moronic like, perhaps Andrea, it would have behooved you to look into the ticket thing before today. But then, as I believe I have mentioned, you would be le moron, because when do I ever do anything before the very lastest minute? The answer: never, Alex, never.
I do not work well until the pressure is at a lava-flowing-and-eclipsing-Pompeii-in-a-fireball kind of level.

I have to go....I smell burning.....

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