Monday, May 7, 2007

Why Mondays should be abolished officially...

Or just in my world.

{a} It was 4 degrees when I sauntered out the door. In a skirt. Sans hose. My goose-bumps had goose-bumps by the time I reached the end of the drive. Reason #312 why I should occasionally check the weather channel. I'm just saying.

{b} It is now 20 plus degrees and I am stuck inside, pressed up against the window, rather like a errant child, grounded for some mis-deed. Or that crazy uncle that your family keeps locked up in the attic. Or something

{c} I wore a long skirt today. Pretty. Flowy. I dipped the back of said skirt into the toilet on my lunch. Luckily, it was pre-pee. Have you ever tried to covertly use the hand-dryer to dry your hem? Just me then? Yeah, thought so.

{d} Leaving your lunch to chance means that the vending machine will be guaranteed to contain only inedible crap. And your tummy will be growling in tune to the "Dueling Banjos". And only when it is utterly silent. Like during a test.

{e} It is as far from Friday as one can possibly be after the weekend.

{f} Because my brain was such a muddled mess due to the inherent Monday-ness of the early o'clock that was my morning, I forgot half the paperwork I meant to bring to the office. But did remember to bring 4 kinds of hand-lotion, 3 novels from my weekend in London and a yogurt that I'm sure I packed last Wednesday. So, high five me.

{g} It is Monday. Nuff said.

{h} I have a headache that cannot be linked to alcohol. WTF? That's just wrong. Maybe I'll have a drink to contemplate the unfairness of that. Or eleventy-seven. Cause then I'd be unconscious until Friday. Or 2009. Whatever. Just pass the daiquiris. Stat.

{i} Have I mentioned the skirt?

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Miranda Brooks said...

Oh sweets,
Wow what a Monday! I agree on the daiquirs they are a good idea anytime really. I almost pee'd myself reading your about your skirt, the toliet, and the hair dryer! I hope your Tuesday goes better than today and that each day gets better than the last. And remember its almost May long!!