Thursday, May 17, 2007

Conclusions I have come to...

As I reflect on my week...

1. It is difficult to take someone in authority seriously when you have just witnessed them (not-so) covertly attempt to make sure that their "barn door" is shut.

(a) This is complicated by the fact that whilst they were checking said door, they adjusted the "animals".

(b) And then tried to shake my hand.

2. I am incapable of holding in a giggle.

3. Or of preventing my mind from wandering to uncomfortable places i.e. Pondering whether he washed his hands the last time he peed and then forgot to zip up his barnyard.

4. Thoughts like those make me giggle more.

5. I use the word Dude. A. Lot.

6. The word "dude" is not always the greeting people expect to receive. In a business professional setting. Or ever, from a prissy girl.

7. I have to resist the urge to stick my tongue out at people. And the HR sexual harassment video tells me why I should.

8. When I put socks on, one is always, always inside out.

9. I never fix them. Ever.

10. I heart animals, but hold the threat of making mittens out of my Mom's cat over her {the cat's, not my Mom's} head.

I have also concluded that if tomorrow wasn't Friday, I would be running away to join the circus.

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