Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pee-Pee versus Va-jay-jay

N: What do you think of P.'s motives?

Me: It all boils down to three ultimate goals for men. Money. Sex. Superiority.

N: OK, I get the first two. What do you mean by superiority?

Me: The quest to see whose pee-pee is larger, metaphorically speaking. Actually, literally as well..

N: Well, seeing as I don't have a pee-pee, I guess he wins that one.

Me: I guess.

N: But my existential pee-pee is much bigger than his.

Me: Existentially, you are most definately the better man.

Va-jay-jay: 1
Pee-Pee: 0

1 comment:

N said...

Score is now Va-jay-jay 2, Pee-Pee 0