Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reality. In the form of a note.

Dear You,

It's 3:31 am and I am still up because my tummy hurt and actually woke me up from a dream at 12:21 which reads the same backwards as frontwards which is neither here nor there but is very much an example of the verbal and mental diarrhea I am only too prone to spewing but this is one of the many reasons that you adore me and find me so non-frustrating, right?
I know.
But I thought that after I tried some Gravol, and tea and a book {because I heard somewhere that TV only KEEPS you up when you can't sleep...{come to think of that, I prolly heard that ON TV, but anyway.....} and perusing some wonderful photographs online and writing an e-mail to my brother that wouldn't send because Microsoft improved itself and simultaneously increased it's sucking potential,
listened to the cat's nose whistle {which was cute for about an hour and then it was grating and then it was cute again and then he woke up and pooped and I wished that I only had the nose whistling to complain about}, I thought that I would change things up a bit and write you a "special-it's-morning-note-and-remember-that-I-love-you-and-lunch-is-in-the-fridge-and-we-read-I-need-milk-again-yes!-AGAIN-and-have-a-great-day-and-p.s-I-love-you" note in a way that wouldn't kill a tree.
So here it is.
That took 13 minutes to write. Mainly because the Gravol is making my eyes dysfunctional and I keep trying to interject a 0 {zero} where it has no business being.
I do love you very much
and also,
I wasn't kidding about the milk,

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