Sunday, October 12, 2008

Identity crisis in the wee hours of the morn....

R. & I are awoken from blissful nothingness and as disentangle from one another & the duvet, we try & identify the errant noise that has now robbed us of at least two minutes of precious sleep.
Me: Wtf?
Him: Mmmmft?
Me: If that is another burglar, so help me.... {a true story for another day, folks...*sighs*}
*The sounds continue and I am resentfully about to rise when we simultaneously realize that what we are hearing is the cat looking fervently for China at the bottom of his poo-box {classy, non?}*
R: {finding the power of speech and his sense of humour} Rocky, cut it out! You're a cat, not a fucking archaeologist!
And with that, I broke into a helpless giggle and proceeded to steal the covers, and a few more hours of sleep.

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